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These are the wildly popular books that helped inspire the “living simple” craze in 1990.
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Ideal for:
Working ParentsBusy Singles College Students
RV & Camp CookingSenior CitizensYoung People’s First Cookbook

When authors Linda Coffee and Emily Cale met at their children’s school function, they discovered a mutual interest in cooking, and soon collected more than 200 recipes that used only four ingredients. Voila! Their first cookbook was born–The Four Ingredient Cookbook®.

Over the years they added hundreds more recipes, and today have compiled them into three cookbooks: The Four Ingredient Cookbooks; The Diabetic Four Ingredient Cookbook; and The Four Ingredient Cookbook for Holidays & Celebrations!

You will find these Four Ingredient recipes to be a useful tool in your busy life! You will be surprised at how many delicious, quick, and easy meals you can prepare without expending a great deal of effort. We know you will love saving time, energy and even money, when you prepare these simple recipes! Whether you need to put a family meal on the table or entertain a crowd, you can find useful Four Ingredient recipes that will make cooking fun again.

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