Here is what Four Ingredient Cookbook buyers say about these books!

You two have changed my life. What a cookbook! I can cook gourmet tasting meals in a snap. I will be buying many of your Four Ingredient Cookbooks for Christmas gifts!!! Thank you, Gracias and Merci!!!!

Please send this to my Grandson. Maybe it will keep him out of the Pizza Hut.

Jim Mayfield, Lubbock, TX

Ordered one book and lost it to my daughter–so am replacing mine and ordering an extra for a friend. Your book was a “Hit.” Congratulations!

B.R. Lambright, Houston, TX

I have had so much fun with your cookbook–and have shared it with others–I would like five more–Wonderful!

Mary Baker, Rocksprings, TX

We like the book a lot. Please send twelve more.

Kathleen Freese, Houston, TX

As a working mother, I feel it is important to feed my family a nutritious meal, but don’t have the time or energy to slave over the stove. I just love the delicious recipes in The Four Ingredient Cookbook. We love it!

Margarite G. Porter, Colorado Springs, Co

Finally a cookbook for working women who have little time but love to cook!

Milissa Tucker, LaCoste, TX

Sounds like a great starter for our daughter who is heading out on her own.

Duke Manor, Dallas, TX

Your cookbook has been a gem for me when unexpected company come. Sure enjoy it. It is used by 5 granddaughters who like to help.

Mrs. R. L. Allen, Helotes, TX

  As a single person with little time to cook–and as an ex-chef and kitchen manager–I can really appreciate the simplicity of these great recipes.

John Thompson, Boulder, CO

I’m a working granny and have been waiting forever for a cookbook like yours.

Patricia Johnson, San Antonio, TX

I am officially known by my friends and family as the cookbook nut with a collection of over 5,000, but the recipes I use most are the quick and easy ones.

Lemma Nite, San Marcos, TX

Great idea from a full time Mommy!

Lori Miller, San Antonio, TX

I’m really going to enjoy this cookbook. I need fast, easy, simple cooking to help me with my busy schedule.

Barbara Long, San Antonio, TX

There are some terrific recipes in it, especially for working ladies who have just a limited time to prepare meals.

Jan Bolling, San Antonio, TX

I’m always on the lookout for fast good tasting recipes. My 8 year old daughter is a blossoming cook. It would be helpful to both of us if she had easy recipes with minimal ingredients.

Jane Hudak, San Antonio, TX

I like your cookbook so well, I’m ordering 2 for my busy working daughters. How nice it is to enjoy delicious menus prepared with such simplicity.

Betty Mozisek, San Antonio, TX

I would like two cookbooks for my Granddaughters who are living in apartments at college.

Mrs. Neal Heaps, Houston, TX

Just read through my cookbook and like it so much, I want two more for gifts. You did a great job on this book!

Pat Lehman, Kerrville, TX

I have already ordered three and am so pleased, am going to get my grandchildren each one for Christmas. (and later) I have 7 grands – 4 girls and 3 boys. They have all used their Four Ingredient Cookbooks.

Evelyn Canfield, San Antonio, TX

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for putting together such a wonderful cookbook. My husband and my oldest son are both picky eaters. Just thumbing through the cookbook, they both found several recipes they are anxious to try. I’m looking forward to it because they’re all inexpensive and relatively simple to make. I work full-time during the school  year and have to boys who are very active in sports and clubs. Thank you for giving me an option OTHER than take out.

I have been married over 30 years and have always dreaded the words “Honey what’s for dinner?” My kids tease me constantly because the only meals that they remember are those Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Sad, but true! While at a seminar there was a book fair being held in the lobby (ADP in Chicago) and I happen to see your cookbook… I am now ordering for my friends and relative as Christmas gifts…your book should be labeled: “If you hate to cook…buy me!”

I wanted to let you know how fantastic this book really is. For years now, I have been the family joke. Everyone, including my own children, has made fun of my cooking abilities. I saw your book and couldn’t believe my eyes–simple, easy, and what appeared to be tasty, recipes. So I purchase it. I have made several recipes now. Everyone is amazed that it only took four ingredients to come up with these fantastic concoctions. If this book can change me, the cooking joke of the family, into a confident “chef” then it can save anyone! Thank you so much for this book.

Just want to let you know I picked up your book at a book sale at work. Suddenly I find myself cooking again after about 20 years of “fast food meals.” Your recipes have been so easy, it’s almost like I’m eating healthy “fast foods cooked at home!” Your cookbook has been a blessing. Thanks so much.

I ordered this cookbook because I was looking for a miracle. I’m a busy wife and mom of 9 children who works full-time and goes to college ¾ time. I can’t afford to spend all my available time in the kitchen trying to plan and prepare a meal. Hence, your “saving grace” book! All I can say is, in my graduation speech, you ladies will certainly be acknowledged. I’ll graduate in 3 years, so my family will have plenty of time to memorize the recipes! Occasionally, I even come home to dinner–Thanks!

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